Ethereum Launch Update: ERC20 Support Confirmed


In preparation for our imminent release onto Ethereum, we have been working to integrate support for trading ERC20 tokens on our exchange. As you all know we strongly believe developers should move over to the ERC223 standard, but given that the vast majority of current ETH tokens ERC20 it would make very little sense to not support it. I wanted to take the time and explain how we will deploy this update, which will require a new smart contract, and also discuss how trading ERC20 tokens will look a little different.

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Hi Sam, this all looks fantastic. Am I correct in understanding you that eventually we will be able to trade coins such as ADA on Saturn Network? What exactly does it mean to be able to trade cross-chain? Thanks!


Hi Carol, thanks for the interest! We are very excited about launching onto Ethereum and being live across multiple blockchains. Yes, that is correct, if we deploy onto Cardano then you would see ADA being traded on Saturn Network. Our mission is to build a decentralized exchange on every blockchain we can and then we aim to link them together so that you will be able to trade cross-chain. And by trading cross-chain we mean that you would no longer be limited to trading solely Ethereum tokens against ETH or Ethereum Classic tokens against ETC.

Check out this article where we discuss why we are developing cross-chain:


Thanks, Sam. I have another question. Yesterday I bought 150 Titan tokens. The purchase shows up in ‘My Orders’ but the tokens haven’t been transferred to my Saturn wallet. Do you know if there are some purchases/tokens that don’t show up right away?


Update: When I open my Saturn Wallet and then select "View Account in Explorer,’ it shows the correct amount of Titans, so I have received them. However, it doesn’t show the correct amount when I open my wallet. This hasn’t happened before, so just wondering why. Thanks for any info!


try toggling the network: select ETH and then back to ETC. Did that solve the problem?


Yep, that did the trick! cheers!