Ethorse - HORSE - Token added and information!


Hi people!

Im one of the admins of Ethorse and i just listed the HORSE token :slight_smile:


Name: Ethorse
Symbol: HORSE
Contract: 0x5b0751713b2527d7f002c0c4e2a37e1219610a6b
Quantity: 125.000.000
Info Website:
Game website:

Ethorse is a game on Ethereum that has been running for 3/4 of 2018 already. Still in beta, but the game is fully functional with a small but loyal player base, and many updates coming :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask more!


this is awesome! happy to see you on the uncensorable decentralized exchange

please submit a pull request here with your logo if you haven’t done so yet

Happy Trading!



EDIT: Never mind below, the token is now showing up nicely with logo! Just had to get an order in :slight_smile:

And it seems someone already added the token and logo, perhaps they did not put up an order though, dunno.

Should i submit another pull request with this thread as link?



Yes, let’s update the listing to the this thread, since this is the one that you maintain.


Welcome! Yes I would recommend updating the link, also I think the logo we have currently is a little different?

Great to have you onboard! If you wish you can also invite @SaturnDAOBot to your telegram group :slight_smile: