Ethorse - The World's first DAPP to bet on the price of Cryptocurrencies



ETHORSE is a sweet betting dApp that you can use to bet on the price of cryptocurrencies. No matter if the market is bullish or bearish, you can bet and still win ETH :slight_smile:

No need for any signups or deposits, dApp is completely decentralized which makes it a project I can support! As a token holder you can earn quartely payouts in ETH also. Opensource also.

ETHORSE is the ultimate combination of horse betting, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies. It is an Ethereum Smart Contract based DApp for betting on the price of Cryptocurrencies and win from everyone who bets against you. Ethorse is an interesting tool for all cryptocurrency traders who like to bet on the price movement of Cryptocurrencies. Users bet with ETH on one of the listed coins or tokens to have the highest gain in a fixed period (Parimutuel Betting). All bets are placed in the blockchain, allowing users to see the total number of bets, the total bet amount for each coin, and the Payoff odds deriving from them. This allows users who follow the crowd to pick a winner easily. However, the Payoff-odds can also be used to bet on an underdog for very large wins. The platform can be used to bet and win ETH in both Bull and Bear markets. Compared to mainstream betting sites and centralized exchanges, Ethorse holds many advantages as it does not require users to signup and deposit funds to an entity. As the development is open source and the funds are secured by the Ethereum Smart contracts, Ethorse enables a completely trustless peer-to-peer betting environment. The prices are pulled from the exchanges using Oraclize and it is done in a way to avoid manipulation. With a user-friendly interface, Ethorse is a groundbreaking platform and has the potential to attract a large set of the trading population in the crypto space…

So when will we be able to bet on SATURN? :wink: