Exchange protocol for Non-Fungible-Token (ie ERC-721)



Dear DAO-Community,

Tl;Dr: Need help creating NFT marketplace, begging Saturn.Network DAO to help

Some friends and me came up with a project idea wich we just started working on.

We are not ready to present the idea yet, but the basic idea is to use ERC-721 token and a corresponding marketplace for a real world usecase.
(YES! Not something mainstream or a technical revolution, but definitely supposed to solve a real world problem! To our best knowledge, no similar project on ETH or other blockchain so far! Interesting for people outside the cryptospace! Great shilling in Saturn.Network forum without even a website yet!)

We have 2 teammembers with some knowledge in software development now getting familiar with the tech , but no experienced solidity dev so far.
As the project will be funded completely from team pockets for now, paying professional software development is impossible.

The main problem in creating a working prototype so far is to decide for and implement an exchange protocol.

The most simple solution seems to be the marketplace. They offer easy ways (infastructure/protocols/devkits, advise) implementing their “dex”/marketplace for erc-721 token on ETH chain. Nevertheless, we would prefer to build an autonomous marketplace.

Besides, we are looking into 0x protocol (ETH) at the moment.

As a proud DAO member, I started shilling Saturn.Network to my teammembers.
While we agreed that developing our project on ETC chain is a possibility, our devteam isn’t experienced enough to create a decentralized marketplace at this point.

Any Information/input/ideas/starting points are highly appreciated.
Any chance to get help from Saturn.Network team and community with this?
BTW: We are willing to deliver a simple prototype (ETH testnet/rinkeby) and website / whitepaper as “proof of motivation” in advance, before wasting your time on the project…

Thank you for reading, let US hear your thoughts


definitely interested in NFT, but not sure if ERC721 is the answer. It seems to suffer from hasty design by people with questionable taste in software. A quick google search will showcase some of the problems. My personal complaint is lack of flexible transfer method like ERC223. The only supported workflow is approve + transferFrom like ERC20, which is incompatible with our philosophy of 1-tx exchange.

We could possibly adopt another token standard or work with our community to design a better approach (potentially backwards compatible with ERC721) provided there is interest and a use case.


Interesting point.
If we can manage to create an autonomous marketplace, it wouldn’t be neccesary for our project to follow any given NFT standard, as long as we could automatically associate metadata with the token ID’s and opensource the way we do it.

Can i pm you?