Exchange stats needed on website


I would like to see more exchange stats, could even be a new dedicated page for this, I think showing from a weekly basis maybe?

  • weekly volume
  • trades made
  • orders created
  • Saturn & Saturn Classic trade mining stats
  • New tokens listed

I know you have released your API but we are not all coders, so I think it would be good to make exchange stats easy to find :slight_smile:


Great idea! I think many of our community will be glad to see some stats on the website.

Any more thoughts on what should be stats should be highlighted? Maybe total traders could be interesting also?


Any update on this one ? =)


At the moment, I have been posting exchange stats on our forum:

And also you now have this amazing website to easily browse stats created by BCT team:


Saturn Tools is now linked on the main left sidebar providing overall exchange trading statistics. If you are looking for something more to be added to Saturn Tools, please make the request here:

And we will happily work with @Wizward to see what is possible!

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