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Welcome! Thank you for announcing EXL, are you part of their team? If you would like EXL’s token logo to appear on our exchange also please follow the steps here:

Let me know if you need any help :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback. this project is incredible. I am CEO of EXL Capital.


Sam, i just updated the logo already.


It would be great if you would list the Saturn wallet as well @ https://www.exlcapital.com.br/token-en


We are already providing. Thank you very much for the feedback.


Hello, we have already updated our page in English, the other languages will be updated today :slight_smile: https://www.exlcapital.com.br/token-en


Nice great to see EXL Capital is growing!

I have tweeted out your listing to our community :fire: Good luck!


Sam, thank you so much. Awesome post.



Twitter da exl capital . sigam.