Fifty Flip E - First Gambling Game on ETC network by Proof of Commmnity



One of the first gambling games has come to the ETC network. After extensive testing on Ropsten and being launched on ETH Main net, FiftyFlip for ETC is finally live.

Our Ethereum Classic coin toss game is provably-fair, has a low 2% house edge and no sign-ups or deposits. 2% is also set aside for ETC Proof of Community (ePOC) token owners. Pick a side and enjoy your 1.9x return when you win.

How to Play
Choose your side and place your wager. You can also choose increments to customize your bet up to 10 Ethereum Classic. The winning bet returns you 1.9x what you wagered.

Bet 1 or higher for a chance to win the Jackpot.

Fifty-Flip and Kujira-bro
What makes this game unique is that it is connected to the ePoC token. Owners of the token can take a small cut from the house from every wager. Win or lose, ePoC token owners earn ETC from the volume that comes from playing the game.

Fifty-flip is connected to Kujira. Kujira is connected to the PoC token. 2% of all buy-ins will go to Kujira-bro. Kujira-Bro HODLs and reinvests ePoC tokens.

How ePoC Token Works.
HODLing ePoC tokens allows token owners to earn dividends off every buy and sell of the token. When buying PoC tokens a 35% community fee is charged. The 35% is set aside and than paid to all token owners in dividends.

The more tokens you HODL the more dividends you will earn. The same applies when you sell PoC tokens. 15% is set aside and than divided to all token owners.

If you would like to earn more with Fifty-flip simply become a PoC token owner and you too can earn from every buy in.

Thanks to Team POC for putting together this fun and addictive gambling game. The bot that is used in the game is unique to POC. Security was taken very seriously and the bot resides on its own VPS server.

Play Fiftyflip and earn ETC today.


NOTE: Game will launch shortly screen shots and link coming soon


What’s up everyone. We are still working out some issues on our game. Though we have deployed fifty flip etc LiVe we have run into some challenges. The team is working on the issues and is working to resolve them so we can have a smooth launch. Please stay tuned. We are working hard. Connect with us here or on our discord to get more details of our project.