FingerPrint / FGP



The purpose of the icon is to reflect the current crypto money directly to the current life.



Great to see more tokens listing on our exchange, I can see you have also uploaded your logo to our Github which is great but you need to also amend the tokens.json file :slight_smile:

Just add it in:

  "name": "Token Name",
  "address": "Token Address",
  "symbol": "Token Ticker",
  "decimals": Token Decimals,
  "logo": "",
  "website": "Link to your website",
  "forum": "Link to your topic on"

Let me know if need any help or if anything is unclear on the guide:

Happy Trading!


We have created a pull request. We are very happy to be here. Thanks for everything.


Great to hear! Glad you are happy with our platform, if you have any feedback please let us know.

Also I have announced your listing on twitter, if you can share it with your community, would be great to see :slight_smile:

Happy trading!