Fireball: Highly deflationary & 20% staking reward from transactions

Token Name: Fireball

  • Symbol: FIRE
  • Contract: 0x3F8A2f7bcD70e7F7Bdd3FbB079c11d073588DEA2
  • Standard: 18
  • Website:
  • Is this an Initial Exchange Offering? Yes

:fire:Get ready to feel the burn! :fire:$FIRE​:fire:

Fireball (FIRE), a deflationary token meant to reward buyers with hands strong enough to withstand the heat, do you think you can hold onto a Fireball?:fire::pinching_hand:

Fireball is an Erc-20 token that removes 10% of the amount moved on each transaction, of which half (5%) is burned, and the other half (5%) is distributed to the staking pool. The initial supply is 50,000, and Fireball will continue to burn until only 500 tokens are left. Stakers can enter the pool for free, but exiting the pool incurs a 20% fee if “quench fire” button is clicked before a period of 30 days.

:fire:Total Supply: 50,000

:fire:Total token locked forever: 22,022

:fire:Token in circulation: About 26,292 some have been burnt on transfer…there will be more burning due to transfer.

:fire:Current Market Cap: $33,100




Welcome! Glad you found us, good luck :fire: