FM Token: Social Media Reward Start your campaign , increase your popularity


New projects and activities on the Internet, at the beginning of the launch of their projects
or activities, it is necessary to create advertisements for this project,
Of course, social media platforms are the best in launching advertising plans on them
In order for any advertiser to succeed in attracting more followers to his accounts, he must
give them a reward for that as a contribution to them.
Some people use illegal tools such as bots and random subscription sites, in these causes
Accounts can be suspended or blocked completely, which causes a loss of confidence, time
and money.
Thanks to new technologies like blockchain, developers have worked hard to find a
solution to these problems, with our participation in this development; we created this tool
to use as a completely free way to create large advertising campaigns with little effort and
in a legal way.
Let us explain the work of this tool and introduce its many advantages


Follow Me Token (FM) is an ERC-20 token created on Ethereum network with blockchain
technology, they will be used as a free way to attract followers by giving them these tokens
as a reward, and Transferred between social media accounts without transfer fees, the
platform connects social media accounts to a wallet for each account, Through your
balance of these tokens, you can create content as a promotion for a commodity or an
advertisement for a new service, And by sharing your content with other members, the
tokens are automatically transferred from your wallet to each of them via artificial
We working through ( ) They are the first and pioneer in linking social media
accounts with blockchain technology, FM has been listed in cctip platform and tested and
it works perfectly,
All you need to get the tokens is your social account that you can access, once linked with
Cctip platform, an automatic wallet is created for you to receive and send tokens from and
to it, and also there you will find tools for each social media platform, which you will use to
create your own content.
Tokens can be exchanged with other tokens or currencies such as Bitcoin.


Follow Me Token (FM) is ERC-20 standard token

Smart Contract: 0xe3a4a881d18f219aedb42efd58a76c6786640515

Compiler Version: 0.7.4

NAME: Follow Me Token



Total Supply:


95 % 950.000.000 FM they will be distributed completely for free, there is no ICO or IEO

And they will not be requested to be listed in the central exchanges except based on the desire of
the community by voting.

5 % 50.000.000 FM Founders, Team, Lock up for the first year.


website :

contact us: [email protected]

Thank you for reading

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