Gas Prices Over $2 A Trade?

I know ethereum gas prices have gone up recently. But I have seen gas prices on making a trade several dollars. Does that seem about right?

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Yep, when gas prices are going over 25 GWEI to safely confirm a transaction that can easily happen. Can always check gas prices with the following website:

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gas prices are still very high. even though I paid full price many of my orders remain incomplete. anyone has same problem? I see messages like “warning” or “pending” for weeks now. Not sure what is wrong. can anyone correct that issue? thanks.

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Unfortunately, this is nothing that Saturn Network has any control over. Gas price is decided by Ethereum network usage, lately, the usage has been very high with 45 GWEI being the new normal and during the day it will easily go up to 60+ GWEI. This has been on-going for a couple of months now, to the point that it looks like we won’t have cheaper gas prices until ETH 2.0 is operational.

This is a great site to check gas price:


thanks sam. that explains. may be we are funding the upgrades