GasToken Miner Feedback & Suggestions


If you have any feedback or suggestions concerning our GasToken Miner please discuss and let us know here.

We are very interested in your configuration for mining GST1 or GST2 tokens so would love to hear about your results!

Thank you!

Im still playing around with settings. Yesterday i started a new “strategy”. I created 3 new wallets.
I started the GasMiner with 20 Batches (could be more) and set gas price to
-g 1000

if you use such low gas prices, you will be forced to wait for a miner, who accepts this low gasprices.
this could take a while. But im not in a hurry though.

So after GasMiner broadcasted those 20 transactions to Network, i interrupted the process.
(its just the UserInterface, transactions are still pending)

Then i started the GasMiner with the next wallet, and the third one.

From now on i just have to wait til those TX´s are getting mined. Works like a charm and is cheap as fuck =D


At the end of the day, this “strategy” is not necessary, im currently setting up 2 Raspberry PI´s,
and i plan to use one for GST1 and GST2.

All i minted so far:

I will play more around with it next time, and i´ll keep you guys up to date.

Thanks for this tool. GREAT!


Good plan, I noticed that transactions are generated and then pending when miner is closed but didn’t try this…

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