GasToken - tokenize gas?




I thought this would be an interesting project to look at as they are also live on Ethereum & Ethereum Classic, and have multiple tokens. Also it has a very interesting use case!


Ethereum Classic:

How to mine GasTokens?

We have recently published a miner to mint your own GST1 or GST2 tokens on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic, you can find a guide for using it here:

Do we see this as something that could become popular?

How to use GasToken Miner
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Ethereum Classic blockchain is fairly sparsely populated right now, and gas prices of 0.0001 Gwei are not unheard of. Some people even manage to squeeze in 0-fee transactions (some miners allow that, but your transaction will have to wait for one of those).

If Ethereum Classic will have at least one moderately successful dApp in the short term it will experience the same issues as the ETH ethereum does, and gas prices will go up to 1-2 Gwei. At that point there should be a fairly steady demand for cheap gastokens (minted at the old, cheap gas prices).


We have recently published an article to discuss GasToken further and how in the future it can be used to save fees for your trading transactions, we have also published a miner for GST1 or GST2 tokens: