Geneviève Exchange


Geneviève Co was founded in 2014 and have since grown to become a global entity with a team of more than 20 and offices in the USA, France, Singapore and Estonia. This experience-rich firm specialises in wealth management and venture capital operations. In 2017, Geneviève saw the opportunity utilize blockchain technology to lower the barrier of entry for small investors into the world of venture capital.
GXE ( Geneviève Exchange) is one of two tokens that will be used in a unique dual-token operating system within the Geneviève ecosystem. This platform will include but not be limited to Genevièves signature semi-decentralized exchange. Using the exchange, GXE token holders will be able to select businesses listed on the platform that they feel offer the best potential return on their investment. These businesses, carefully vetted by Geneviève before initial listing, will offer a broad range of exposure to investors with the freedom to choose and analyse each of the projects on its own merit.
In addition, Geneviève will also offer a range of premium wealth management services to GXE token holders. These services include professional tax guidance, wealth management services and, potentially most excitingly, a credit card backed by Lombard mechanics. This exclusive card service will enable cryptocurrency ‘hodlers’ to utilize their assets for purchases without having to actually spend their crypto!
As well as being used by investors to speculate inside of the exchange, GXE token will also be used by companies wishing to become listed upon the exchange. When coupled with exchange trading fees payable in GXE, it should help to ensure a healthy ebb and flow of supply and demand for the token and thus stimulate natural growth in value.
And if all of the above were not enough, Geneviève will use the fees collected from trading upon its platform in order to proportionally share revenues amongst token holders in the form of quarterly dividends.


Hi @Ben_genevieve I have been following your rebranding, very cool :slight_smile: does this change anything currently for GXE or GXVC tokens? Thank you!


I know that this is their new website: hopefully @Ben_genevieve can give us the rundown about the tokens! :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply! The short answer is yes, GXE will soon become the first cross-block chain security token when we launch our asset chain upon the Komodo platform, the new token will be called ØUR, (Ø Union Revolution, or just Our token!) GXVC on the other hand, although we have no plans (at this time) to make it interoperable between chains, will become ØDA (Ø diversified asset).
If you want to find out more and chat about the project at all (in real time!) then please join our Discord channel



Thank you for the answer, no problem :slight_smile:


Hi all! Really excited to share this little video we made of our Opay app! Think you’ll really like the user friendly interface!


Hey @Ben_genevieve hope you are well! Please note we have now released the first version of Saturn Network exchange and Radex is no longer being updated, but if you would like to list GXE on our new exchange of course you can :slight_smile:

Just follow this guide:

As we already had your logo and details, you should not need to upload a new logo. Once listed it should all appear :+1: