Geneviève Venture Capital


Geneviève Co was founded in 2014 and have since grown to become a global entity with a team of more than 20 and offices in the USA, France, Singapore and Estonia. This experience-rich firm specialises in wealth management and venture capital operations. In 2017, Geneviève saw the opportunity utilize blockchain technology to lower the barrier of entry for small investors into the world of venture capital.
GXVC (Geneviève Venture Capital) is one of two tokens that will used in a unique dual-token operating system within the Geneviève ecosystem. The primary function of the GXVC token is to offer token holders exposure to the underlying assets of the Geneviève ecosystem. This exposure, coupled with quarterly dividends that will be distributed proportionally amongst holders of GXVC should help to ensure healthy returns for long term investors in the project.
The secondary function of the GXVC token is that, upon passing relevant qualification criteria, GXVC holders will be able to help to shape the future of the Geneviève ecosystem by way of a collective advisory role, or DAO (decentralized autonomous organisation). The DAO will be able to vote on all major decisions faced by the project going forward.
Also, excitingly, holders of GXVC (as well as its counterpart GXE) will be given access to Genevièves exclusive crypto-credit card backed by lombard mechanics. The card will give ‘hodlers’ the ability to utilize their digital assets to make purchases without actually having to spend their crypto!


Do you invest in ICO projects?

Or, more dedicated to traditional VC?




Hey Rob

GXVC is becoming ØDA, which is a diversified asset portfolio. This article should explain more :blush:

In terms of the crypto side of things it doesn’t really concern ICOs. And for the SME side, currently we have companies such as and amongst others in the portfolio :+1:


Hey Ben,

Thanks for sharing. You may be interested in the recent deal between SSC and NTS, which uses an asset backed model.