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Saturn Network is a collection of services for cryptocurrency owners, businesses, investors & traders. Our mission is to build necessary tools that make working with cryptocurrencies easy - and help with global cryptocurrency adoption as a result. We currently have a whole range of products and tools available across Ethereum & Ethereum Classic catering to everyday users, business owners or every level of traders. Here you can learn about each one and how it can benefit you.

Before you continue, we recommend you read the first page of our original whitepaper, titled Our Philosophy. Don’t worry we have copied it onto our forum so it is very easy to access! It sums up how we feel about the current landscape of cryptocurrency: that it has been derailed from its original goal of providing financial freedom & decentralization to everyone that wanted it. It is a great way to understand why we have embarked on a mission of bringing a decentralized exchange to every blockchain & the thought process that goes behind our products.

Table of Contents

  1. For Everyone.
  2. For Businesses.
  3. For Investors.
  4. For Traders.

For Everyone

  1. Saturn Wallet - Our fully functional cryptocurrency wallet & dApp browser extension, supporting Ethereum & Ethereum Classic, your gateway to all our tools and products.
      • What is Saturn Wallet?
      • User guides & video tutorials.
      • Saturn Wallet changelog.

  2. Saturn Protocol - A decentralized exchange that runs completely on chain governed by Saturn DAO, requiring no deposits or withdrawals. Allowing you to trade in one transaction wallet to wallet and features a loyalty program, currently live on Ethereum Classic.
      • What is Saturn DAO & SATURN token?
      • Saturn Ecosystem - how does it work?
      • Decentralized Loyalty Program.
      • Decentralized Shared ownership & Profit Sharing

  3. Trust Wallet - We are also one of the only decentralized exchanges that is 100% mobile friendly, using the Trust Wallet App you can securely trade from your phone.
      • Mobile Trading Enabled With Trust Wallet.
      • How to use Trust Wallet on Saturn Network.

  4. GasToken Miner - Team Saturn is forward thinking, and always looks to innovate with cutting edge technology. Mining GasTokens lets you tokenize gas which you will be able to use to save fees on future network transactions.
      • Save Fees With GasTokens
      • How To Use GasToken Miner

For Businesses

We provide a whole suite of free tools that business owners or developers can use to help their project grow, we call it the Saturn Toolkit.

  1. dApp browser - Saturn Wallet is free & supports multiple chains making it very convenient to use, it allows you to pick the right chain for your project and not worry about providing access to your users.
      • Current Saturn Wallet dApp list.
      • How to submit your dApp for listing.
      • How to submit your token to be pre-listed with a logo & custom dashboard.
  2. Saturn Exchange - Saturn Protocol’s decentralized implementation gives you the peace of mind that your token will never be censored & your community will love one transaction trading. Furthermore, we have no listing fees!
      • How to self-list your token on our exchange.
      • Saturn API
      • Saturn Javascript client
  3. Saturn Launchpad - Saturn Protocol also supports token sales via our launchpad platform, this is known as an Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDEO).
      • Benefits of launching project via an IDEO over a traditional ICO or IEO.
      • Saturn Launchpad Announcement
      • How to use Saturn Launchpad
  4. Learning Center - We are constantly publishing guides and blueprints on our forum that will help your business and crypto project flourish. And we are happy to answer queries!
      • How to create a token and ICO on Ethereum Classic.
      • Steps to take before Creating a Token & Launching an ICO
      • Smart contract for a time-locked token crowdsale.
      • ERC20 -> ERC223 upgrade path.

For Investors

As we are developing cross-chain, there are numerous ways to invest in our project and be part of the future of decentralized crypto trading. The key thing to remember is that holding SATURN tokens gives you voting power & allows you to receive dividends generated from collected trading fees. We believe in keeping crypto accessible to everyone, therefore you will never see any minimum investment or KYC requirements.

  1. Strategic Investor Programs - Our HODL investor programs are seen as the best option to buy SATURN tokens across any chain, they give you access to generous bonus plans for agreeing to different lock-up periods. The best part is this is all on the blockchain, you sign a smart contract! Meaning your tokens are safely yours, even when they are locked up in the MultiChain HODL dApp.
      • What is MultiChain HODL dApp?
      • ETC HODL dApp (Saturn Classic DAO Tokens)
      • ETH HODL dApp (Saturn DAO Tokens)
      • How to use our MultiChain HODL dApp with Saturn Wallet
      • How to use our MultiChain HODL dApp with MetaMask
      • Participate in Saturn HODL’s Token Sale from any Wallet
  2. Investment Session Milestones - When we launch a new Saturn MultiChain HODL dApp, the session’s token supply will be announced along with distribution milestones. These milestones will be development features that we will release during the investment session. We do not believe in false promises, this way you see exactly what your investment enables us to develop.
      • First MultiChain HODL milestones
      • Q1 2019 Review
  3. Saturn Launchpad - Our launchpad platform is accessible to everyone without needing to submit a KYC or create an account, you can invest in various token sales that choose to launch on our platform. You just need a dApp browser.
      • Compatible Saturn Launchpad dApp browsers
      • Saturn Launchpad
  4. Protocol Launch Sale - When we announce our intention to launch on a new chain, 15% of the new SATURN token will be available to buy before the protocol is live on the selected chain.
      • How do our protocol launch sales work?
      • Full token allocation for new blockchains.

For Traders

One of the backbones of our project is our mission to provide a true decentralized exchange on every blockchain. This means that traders are an integral part of our mission’s success, which is why we will run a loyalty program on every chain we support. But not only do we want to provide traders with the best platform to operate on, full of rich features, we also want to help them grow their trading strategies & learn how to use crypto trading bots.

  1. Trade Mining - Our decentralized loyalty program ensures all your paid trading fees are reimbursed with SATURN tokens.
      • Decentralized Loyalty Program.
  2. Trading Bots - Our opensource JavaScript client saturn.js makes it very easy to develop your own crypto trading bots or to use our own. These can be run on your computer or a Virtual Private Server (VPS).
      • Pricewatch Bot
      • Market Maker Bot
      • Setting up your Virtual Private Server (VPS) for Crypto Trading Bots
      • Saturn JavaScript Client
  3. A True DEX - We do not require you to create an account or pass any verification & you never have to give up control to your funds as all trading happens wallet to wallet. We operate 100% on chain with one transaction trading which means using our platform will save you gas fees.
      • One Transaction wallet to wallet trading
      • ETC Assets (Ethereum Classic)
      • ETH Assets (Ethereum)
  4. Future Features - We are constantly developing new features for Saturn Protocol that we believe traders will truly love, here are some that you may want to learn more about.
      • Smart HODL Contract To Solve Panic Selling.
      • Atomic Arbitrage.
  5. Trading Knowledge - If you want trade crypto you need to be aware of various approaches, here you can learn about different trading strategies & we will teach you how to create your own crypto trading bots in the future.
      • How profitable is market making on different exchanges?
      • Three ways to make money trading cryptocurrency.
      • Learn about different crypto trading bots.
      • Applying Simple Moving Averages to your Crypto Trading Strategies
      • Analysing Order Books and Depth of Market Explained
      • Using Stochastic Oscillators for your Crypto Trading Strategies
      • How does the RSI indicator work for crypto trading?

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