Give me 3 seconds, I will can change the world



What can happen in a fleeting 3 seconds?

In 3 seconds maybe you’re just thinking before you start, maybe you just have a sip of coffee, maybe you just give a hug, but you know what?

In 3 seconds, the fastest sports car in the world can accelerate to 150KM/H

In 3 seconds, F1 car can complete tire replacement

In 3 seconds, military satellite can achieve global positioning
This is the change that technology has brought to us, and this is the technology that has already been realized. However, in the financial history of the world, there has never been a global cross-border transaction in three seconds. In the current era of the blockchain, the first of Alipay The cross-border transfer based on the blockchain, took three seconds to complete the transaction that would have taken hours or even days to complete.
The well-known Jewish nation has a business motto,“Do not steal time”, which means not to hinder others’ one minute or one second, and believe in the idea that time is money, and always seize the opportunity in seconds. Recently, a new blockchain technology, AtoX, has been built by Jews. They are looking forward to changing the global financial landscape and using blockchain technology to address cross-border transfers and settlement issues, and it not only has the technical capability of 3 seconds to connect the whole world, but also has the cross-chain transmission mechanism that other alliance chains and public chains do not have.

AtoX adopts RPCA protocol, and uses the technologies such as lightning network and atomic exchange to combine its original basic chain compression and the mechanism of first entering the warehouse and then consensus can greatly improve TPS and make it sustainable, optimized and upgraded to meet various transaction needs.
AtoX is an epoch-making revolution that is valued by the wise Jewish nation and must have its own uniqueness. History will not repeat itself, but it is surprisingly similar. People are always missing the opportunity to invest in ignorance, from the Internet to the Internet +, from the blockchain to the blockchain +, the technological era we have experienced has made too many wealth myths. Only this time, I don’t know if the Jewish people will bring us more surprises. We will wait and see.

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