HadePay Coin (HPAY)




Thanks for the announcement about HadePay! Will read up about HPAY, their logo is really giving be a 90s vibe :slight_smile: is that just me? haha.

More payment gateways for online merchants are always useful I think for helping adoption of crypto, I feel like we will definitely see more online retailers accepting crypto before it actually comes into the “real world.”

Also to anyone confused about Lightning Network and why it is important, Neuron wrote a blog article about it a while back:

Good read!


it´s just a really unknown project, hype will follow, definitely !

yes logo looks really retro :))

just remember, samsung showed up ENJ logo on galaxys10 presentation and 2 weeks after enjin mooned., who knows, announcement about bitfury partnership is just very fresh…


Feel free to share!