Hashgard (GARD)



  • Name = HASHGARD
  • Symbol = GARD
  • Contract = 0x5c64031C62061865E5FD0F53d3CDaeF80f72E99D
  • Website = https://www.hashgard.com
  • Total Supply = GARD
  • Circulating Supply = 14.518.599.725 GARD (07.12.2018)
  • Community Telegram-Chat = https://t.me/hashgardeng

Hashgard is a public blockchain that establishes a secure decentralized asset management protocol, initiated by the strategic director of Fenbushi Capital and managing partner of BKFUND, Charlie Xu, and co-founder of BKFUND, Tom Huang. It provides a one-stop blockchain solution and crypto-financial asset management system for both individual and institutional investors.


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