HELL COIN - Made by Satan. Wicked. Gives You Wings



HELL was launched back in March 2018 as ERC20 token but we have decided to move to ETC blockchain. Previous holders will get equivalent amount of HELL tokens - more details will be published in coming days on our website.

Why buy HELL?

  • Because it is 99% better than prayer.
  • 80% Celebrities endorse it.
  • 50% More useful than Church
  • 100% Better than Heaven


Interesting! I was just about to ask about your relationship with Jesuscoin but Jesusโ€™s website is down :scream:



:japanese_ogre: WHAT DA HELL :japanese_goblin:


Great to see a project moving away from ERC-20 for ERC223! And choosing ETC =)

I suggest you use our Airdrop tool to easily airdrop your previous token holders their new HELL tokens :wink: if you need any help let us know!

Also @HELLCOIN you can add Saturn Wallet to your list of supported wallets:

Because your users will need it if they would use our exchange to trade HELL, if they are used to using MetaMask it will be very familiar for them.

Good luck!


Love this! hahaha


Wicked. Like it! :japanese_ogre: