Hello everyone, I'm glad I came here.

English is not my primary language, so forgive me if I make any mistakes :slight_smile:

For about 3 years I have been trading forex and cryptocurrency, I have knowledge about technical and fundamental analysis.
I was very interested in the topic of blockchain and tokenization, recently DApps and I am in this topic at the beginning of the road.
I believe that blockchain technology is the future and I want to know as much as possible in this topic.
I would also like to deal with blockchain programming in the future.

Hello, decentralized Saturn Network community!

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Welcome, glad you found us!


Hello and welcome to the community! I’m max new here 2


I am new here and I am looking for information about trading, could you help me with that? I just started trading 4 months ago, and I am new to all this stuff. I am trading on Investous Forex Trading, because it’s very comfortable to use and it has a lot of features. I have a lot of friends that are trading for many years, and all of them recommended me to trade on this certain platform. I am not expecting that I will instantly earn a lot of money. I know that it’s very hard work, I am just asking for some advice and sources of information. Thank you in advance!

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Here is a good list of articles to read through on our blog:

Or if you meant how to us our platform: