Hello guys, it's a pleasure to meet you


Just thought i’d introduce myself, my name is Tim, i’m mostly involved in Cardano, you can find me on all their social channels, I recently became self-employed and mostly provide Marketing / Art direction / Web development packages to clients. It was @Negus who introduced me to Saturn, specifically for the logo contest :slight_smile:.

This looks like a nice community, and i see @oldcryptogeek is on here as well! :sunglasses:, so i might end up staying and learning more about Saturn.

PS: i want to post in the competition but my member status is to low :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT: Yay, i’m a member now, you can find my logo submission here :smile:



Welcome, glad you found us :0 Very nice submission! Hope you do stick around :wink:


Thank you @sam, I appreciate that :slight_smile:. It’s starting to grow on me, and i’m really curious to experience how this project and the design elements there-off will evolve. So i will definitely stick around.