Hello my name is Billy

Hello everyone My name s Billy and i have just learned about the saturn network though the cardano effect… I have been in to the hole space about a ear now and once i learned about cardano i really only stay up with it bc there is SO MUCH BS out here and i don’t know enough yet to not get burned… So i’m glad i have learned about saturn network and i would like to say i will definitely try to help anyway i can and learn all i can to help with the project and also to bring more people in top the project!1 Again THANK YOU guys for making this available to everyone and working so hard to make it happen can’t wait to really learn!!


I first learned about this project in the fall of 2017 from a github I stumbled upon by accident. After looking into it and digging to find out some of the people involved with it I started asking questions and learning more. From the early days until now I have to say that I have not seen a more productive team in the crypto space that delivers actual working solutions to problems like this team does.

These folks in 2 years have developed the best DEX hands down and offer an enormous amount of support from their blog posts, forums, tools, and telegram etc. It isn’t just me either. Almost anyone that has been around long enough would say the same things. Welcome to Saturn.Network. I hope you enjoy your time here.


Thank you sir!! I have read great info about Saturn network!! Look forward to learning more on how this space work and being able to learn and do more!!! Thanks Billy