Hello Saturn! I'm new here!

Hello Saturn Network and all members!

I’m Deano - I’m the new web developer for UniversalCoin. I’ve been following the Saturn action for a while now, and I’ve joined here to keep it going. :sunglasses:

Please note, I will not answer any questions about the UniversalCoin project here until we’re fully ready to go - if you’re interested in our progress/relaunch, or if you do wish to ask questions, feel free to find and follow us on Twitter, or join our Telegram group! :smile: Just know that I am a member of the new team, and we’re doing everything we can to try and get it off the ground once again!

Lovely to meet you all - do share your project with me - I’m always happy to look! :sunglasses:

Deano (HDFlux on Telegram)


FYI your UNV token is allready “listed” on SaturnDEX but it´s not tradeable because your smart contract has an issue and it´s not an erc223 … your future isn´t safe with that contract, you guys have to deploy a fixed one if you want to continue with that project , good luck !

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Of course, as a responsible new team, a complete and thorough review of the smart contract would naturally take place before distributions resume. If we find anything, we’ll fix it.