Help creating new ETC token


ve Created New Token Under Satrun.Network on ETC i want Know Some Points

After Craete My Successful ETC Contract Or Created Token On ETC with page Link help How to create a token and ICO on Ethereum Classic
My Token Goes in Pending Stage and also showing me 0 Token After adding in my account ?

How to add Logo Symbol on Created Token?

How connect this contract with my website like API or Code Shifting or Paste ?

Radex development roadmap

Great to hear you are trying to launch an ICO on ETC, so did you follow this tutorial?

Did you successfully make a token? If so post your token’s address and contract address, but if the tokens you allocated to yourself have not appeared in your wallet then you have probably done something wrong.

Logo is your decision, I would suggest first maybe figuring out a purpose for your token and writing down some plans. How are you going to implement and run your ICO? Do you have a team or are you a one man operation? Building a community around the usage of your token may be a better way to start, then you will meet people who may be willing to help.

If you are asking how to have your token’s logo appear in Saturn Wallet, this is only for tokens that we list on Radex.

Not really sure what you mean about connect the contract to your website, you can post the link to or on Etherhub you can add your token’s source to verify it.