Help me, I want to redeem


Hi guys, my name is Ricardo from Colombia. I invested a year ago. my Saturn tokens are on a investors area, I want to redeem them. but the GAS was too high, do you know if this is normal. is there any tutorial on how to redeem tokens, thanks.


Hello @artistpro Ethereum gas prices have been going up and down lately, most likely due to the current market trends many traders must be depositing and withdrawing into centralized exchanges. You can always check the current gas price using this website:

Currently the safe gas price is 20 GWEI, so when you click to redeem your tokens and the transaction notification opens on your wallet, you will need to set 20 or above for the gas price or the transaction will either take a very long time or might fail.

It doesn’t normally stay at 20 GWEI all day, so you can always wait and redeem your tokens when the gas price has gone down if you prefer.