Help to trade SATURN token

Hello, I can’t make sell order to sell my saturn dao token. When i make the order it only shows pending. Guide me how to sell my Saturn token.

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Hello @hakimhi GCPH token is not compatible with our DEX order book contract. We have provided recommendations on how they can fix this problem on their end.


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I don’t have GCPH token i have saturn “SATURN ETH Dao Token”, Now tell me how to exchange it into ETH???

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My apologies, as you posted in a thread about GCPH I assumed your problem was with the same token. In future, please take care to create a new support request.

So you have submitted an TX to create an order? Maybe you got unlucky and the network fees rose when you submitted it, do you have a pending transaction in your wallet?

It may now have confirmed, first check here to see if you have an open order: If not which Dapp browser are you using, do receive a wallet notification to sign your transaction?

If you want ETH immediately just sell to an existing order here:


Pls guide me how to sale in existing order?

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@sam Now i sale in existing order but the gas used and actual tx cost is still showing pending. I don’t know how long it will take. Still the sell order didn’t reflect in my order column.

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Try searching the tx has on they usually can estimate time of confirmation. Sounds like you must have submitted at 1 GWEI and now network gas price is 1.5 GWEI, might be why that has happened. If you want you can direct message me your wallet details and I will take a look.

What dapp browser are you using? You can normally re-submit your transaction at a higher gas price to speed it up, if you are using MetaMask or Saturn Wallet.

Here is a full guide to trading on our platform.

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You want to WHAT with your Saturn tokens??? Sell??? Why would you sell your tokens??? Silly rabbit, Saturn tokens are meant for holding! Buy them back while you still can! :slight_smile:


@Astral_Diamonds Hello, black diamond listen 3 months i already hold this token and now when i want to sell, don’t need to jump on my support chat. It is my choice if i want to sell or hold but unfortunately i can’t sell Saturn Token bcoz this exchange is so complicated I don’t know how to use it. For this matter I am discussing with admin sam to resolve the sell issue. I don’t think this token has potential bcoz when exchange is so complicated then how will you get the buyers to sell saturn even it pump to till moon.

Hello admin @sam, Please check my address - 0x06b429EFbFeF2F31E2127d0d3Bca83565D6946C3
In this address i hold saturn tokens now tell me how to sell and i think ETH is enough for the transaction fee. But i need to ask you some questions bcoz one scumbag told me to hold this token.

  1. When will you make this exchange user friendly?
  2. When will this exchange and its ETH Dao token will list on coinmarketcap?
  3. When i will get the tentative returns of my investments?
  4. Why i see so many sell orders are pending on create order column?
  5. Do you have mobile or desktop wallet?
  6. When will you list Saturn token to another exchanges for trade?

Hey @hakimhi so you have no pending transaction at all. When you use the term pending for me it means you have been able to submit a transaction to network, I see now you mean that order page is not loading on the website. This will be an issue with your Dapp browser, as I asked earlier, what Dapp browser are you using.

You cannot have multiple Dapp browsers active in the same session, please check your extensions and ensure only one is enabled. If that is definitely not the case then check your Ad blockers, as they also can cause problems, so I recommend you try turning them off, especially the in-built ones like Brave Shield.

  1. Saturn Network is a DEX that operates 100% on chain, using a Dapp may always be more difficult then a centralized exchange. We believe our exchange is extremely user friendly and that the security benefits of trading wallet to wallet are too important to give up, evidenced by our explosion in growth since the latest My Account UI updates. Last week we had 433 new users trading.
  2. Yes, this is in process:
  3. I can’t see the future, though, I believe 2020 is a year where DeFi, Dapps and DEXs usage will vastly increase.
  4. Every order you see in order book is there already, nothing is pending. There is something wrong with your Dapp browser, something is blocking your wallet connection to the exchange.
  5. We are listed in Trust and Enjin. You can also use mobile dapp browsers like Coinbase Wallet.
  6. Sure we don’t have anything against other exchanges, why not? Currently, we are folllowing our Roadmap: which we believe is hundred times more important than chasing exchange listings and we will not waste development funds to pay for ridiculous exchange listing prices.

I am sure we can figure out why the website is not detecting your Dapp browser, if you don’t want to give out more details over the forum, feel free to direct message me.

My chorme is already detecting the saturn wallet and i can see my wallet details in the saturn website. I have installed two dapp wallet i guess one is Metamask and another is Saturn wallet. I’m using google chrome as my browser. Today i tried to transfer Saturn token in my wallet -
But still it is pending on my sending list of saturn wallet.
Before i tried to send so many transactions but still it is stuck in my sending list and now i can’t even delete the previous pending transactions from my saturn wallet. There is no way to upload the wallet print screen in this forum.

Hey @hakimhi the problem is you can’t have two Dapp browsers enabled on your browser at the same time. They interfere with each other, which means none of your transactions are being submitted correctly and nothing is reaching the network.

Our platform works with MetaMask or Saturn Wallet, however, all dapp browsers interact with the blockchain using web3 and Chrome (or other browsers) only allows one extension to access web3 at a time.

Open the Chrome extension manager, and disable the one you will not use to trade on Saturn Network. For example, here I have metamask disabled and saturn wallet enabled using the little toggle icon.


So you can do that whenever you want to use one or the other, alternatively, what I recommend to users who need to use multiple dapp browser extensions regularly is to simply use different browsers. You could use MetaMask on Chrome and Saturn Wallet on Firefox for example.



@sam Admin i only enable one dapp saturn in chrome and again did one transaction but still same problem can’t even send to my MEW wallet address. I have so many transaction pending in my saturn wallet and not yet any transaction complete. :smiley: Now tell me what should i do?

Your transactions are not reaching the network, look at the tx hash you provided:

Nothing found, if it was actually pending it would find it and provide estimated time of confirmation, so something on your computer is blocking your Saturn Wallet’s ability to submit the transaction to network.

To confirm I would do the following:

  1. Install Firefox or Brave.
  2. Install Saturn Wallet.
  3. Import your existing account via seed phrase or import wallets via private key.

And see if it works, if your wallet works fine on different browser and you wish to go back to Chrome then make sure you have everything from your Saturn Wallet on chrome backed up (seed phrase saved and private keys) to ensure you do not lose any wallets. Then delete Saturn Wallet completely, clear cache and reinstall.

Thanks admin let me try on Brave. I will send saturn to my MEW wallet. Can i transfer it to MEW wallet?

Sure, to receive/send/manage your SATURN tokens you can use any Ethereum wallet that can support a custom token balance but to trade on our platform you need to use a Dapp browser. Last I checked MEW does not provide functionality to interact with dapps.

Okie then for trial i will create one small trade of sell. If there is same problem then i will contact you back.

Admin @sam i did the trade of 600 Saturn token but how long block, gas & Actual Tx cost will show pending.