Hi all! I'm a musician and songwriter from the UK - Thorny Waves - Sketch Animation Video by @junkfeathers - Music by Darren Claxton + Get some DCMUSIC tokens!


Here’s an incredible sketch animation video which was created for me by a very talented fellow musician from America.
This should be a longer post text wise but, I’ll let the art tell the story

The uber talented guy who created this piece of visual art is [JunkFeathers](https://whaleshares.io/@junkfeathers) he's also an amazing Songwriter, Musician and all round Nice Guy hard working dad! The original sketch of the man and woman sitting on the mountain top, was drawn by the talented Mrs C - aka [TITCH & BABS](https://ETSY.com/uk/shop/TitchandBabs ) The Original Sketch
![rsz_thorny_waves (1).jpg](https://img.whaleshares.io/wls-img/darrenclaxton/c7077b1e6457ef07605affb4d07dd8da96535f36.jpeg)

This is what Junk Feathers had to say about the animation.

Working on this video was soooo much fun! This is my first digital animation using the free program Krita. What took the longest was coming up with the story board. Fortunately, I was able to use the super cute hand drawn cover art as inspiration. I really wanted to match the sentiment of this beautiful song. Once I had the story, the rest was a lot drawing. I used 9 layers on 5750 frames of animation! Hope you enjoy!! - Junkfeathers

I hope you all enjoy this video and please be sure to visit @junkfeathers and show him some appreciation and please subscribe to my channel and share share share!
Have a great weekend.

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Check out the Brand New Music Video from Darren Claxton!
‘Thorny Waves’ Out Now on ‘YouTube’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoT9YJWlM78&t=12s
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All Music and Lyrics Copyright © 2018 Darren Claxton
Animation and artwork by @junkfeathers and Titch & Babs


I was not expecting that! These days, ya don’t see art like that. I like it.


Thanks for your compliment and for taking the time to watch.
I was equally amazed and how the animation fitted so well with my song.
Your support is much appreciated.
Thanks again.


very very nice, love it ! the little prince style animation :smiley:
good luck @darrenclaxton

SATURN.NETWORK connects EVERYTHING :heart::heart:


Hey Darren! Glad to see your post here. I know Darren from the Stish It site and have been a fan of his music for awhile now. This by far is the number one favorite music video he has made. This is the first time I have heard of @junkfeathers but I love the basic sketch animation it works well with music. Darren I don’t use Bitshares but I still shared your video and I am not worried about the DCMUSIC tokens although I may kick myself for saying that later. Again, glad to see you here and I enjoyed reading the comments others have left here on your post. #Stradog in Gun Barrel City, Texas


Hey mate!
Cheers again for checking out this beautifully simplistic video!
Have a great week!


You do the same. I counted something like 45 to 50 songs you have on Choon that includes the 4 Broken Oceans tunes. I haven’t listened to them all yet but I will. Oh yeah y’all don’t do the Thanksgiving Turkey day do you? or do you?


That’s a good calculation mate!
Plus another 20 or so unreleased and another 20 in progress, bit to mention the other 100 still unborn!
PS. Unfortunately we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or have a public holiday!
DC :musical_score: