Hi folks, great to meet you all!


Hi guys,
im the Wiz (w) ard. -> I like wizards and i like key wardens, but more i like Diablo3, Music & ETC.

I´m coming from electrical & refrigerant / cooling tech, so i have seen a lot of useless power wasting in my life. Then i decided to stop it and put all of my personal energy and also my electrical energy into something useful, so i started mining and doing consensus.

im acting under a several names in internet, because it does not matter who i am. i hate facebook since years.
i think i have a twitter account. I still have google (hrrrr). I did use amazon. Only open source will destroy this kind of centralism.

if (COSMIC_LAW == CODE_IS_LAW) { return true; }else { return "byzantium"; }


How did you first get into crypto?

i dont want to tell… if ya know what i mean. :unamused::unamused:

What attracts you to our project?

To be honest, Rados catch me with ETC first. i read a news somewhere -> “DEX will launch on ETC” -> 2 or 3 days later i started to google it. i found Rados.io website and i was reading through all content. After realizing that there is NO 100% DEX, i felt in love with this project. If i remember correctly my first words in Telegram -> “It feels like home” -> this never changed.

Whats your favorite decentralized exchange?

There is no DEX, except RADEX. so the answer is easy. :hearts::hearts:


Be like water guys! See you on Saturn!