Hi, glad I found this place through Callisto news


Hey guys, new here! Just made the airdrop by the seat of my pants. Looking forward to next year! With recent news of the financial institutions introducing their own exchanges, think I’ll be 3x’ing into moar STN now. G’day!


I agree, other players making DEXs is good for the whole industry as it raises customer awareness. Then it’s all about making the best DEX - and we feel confident that we have all the potential to be the one.

Welcome to Saturn DAO! join us at https://t.me/rados


Welcome! Glad you found us :slight_smile: have a browse and if you have any queries ask away, we don’t bite!


I bought a couple more saturn classics, I do like the feel of the ui having used idex and etherdelta before. I think new users will need to get used to the pause between transfers, deposits and withdrawals. Would it be possible to incorporate some icon animation aka transaction-in-progress…perhaps the saturn logo with the moon transitioning like it is going around the planet / or just diagonal back and forth?


we’re working on a radical UI upgrade which should make everything way more user friendly. Thanks for your suggestions!