Hi I am Ivan - Australian Advisor


How did you first get into crypto?
few years ago I was visiting my family in Croatia and it was during the Christmas Season and it was very cold. My cousin who is a mechanic had a garage and he was in short sleeves inside the garage. I thought to myself this guy is crazy: it’s -15°C outside, even the house is freezing let alone his garage. So I went downstairs and I felt this heat, I said I didn’t know you have heaters down here… And then he showed me all these graphic cards hanging down and he said this is how I warm the place and it pays me…

That’s when I started to really look into crypto and have not looked back since.

What attracts you to our project?
What attracts me to this project is the people that actually work on this project, they are very open, friendly , and actually take their time to explain everything in detail to each person.

  • the team actually worked on the Saturn Wallet out of their own time, for something that the eTC dev team should have been doing , RESPECT to that!
  • this is truly the best decentralized Exchange ! with a great Team behind IT!

Whats your favourite decentralized exchange?

radex.ai of course :slight_smile:



yes heating cellars / garages is my favourite usecase! haha :smiley:

Tomatoes all year long!