Hi, I'm Hobo Joe


Sup folks, so I decided to sign up today. I have been into ETC for a while, not a maximalist on any coin but if I were it would be ETC. I am not much of a coder, but Iā€™m hoping to learn to develop smart contracts over time and to make ETC-focused dapps over time.

My other focus is my site hobo.media, which is about crypto, personal sovereignty and borderless ideals. Iā€™m hoping to eventually have plenty of people writing articles on it and earning crypto, but for now the site is rather humble.

Anyways, Saturn seems pretty cool.


Welcome, glad you stumbled upon us! Saturn is indeed very cool :wink:

Here is a good place to start with: Getting Started or this tutorial if you are looking to create a token on ETC: How to create a token and ICO on Ethereum Classic. And feel free to ask queries!

Also be sure to join us on our telegram group chat: https://t.me/rados