Hi I'm Phil I'm new and want to start a trading bot


Hi, I’m Phil, I just joined the etc hodl, and I am wanting to set up the raspberry pi trading bot in the next few days.


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Welcome to Saturn DAO @PhilM

Here are a couple of tutorials that should help set up some trading bots:

How to use pricewatch bot - Monitors orders to automate buying or selling following your strategy.

How to use Market Maker Bot - Monitors a token’s orderbook and will create buy or sell orders to keep it healthy, following your strategy.

If you need any help or get stuck, feel free to reach out!


Thanks @sam
My rpi arrived today, looking at setting it up tomorrow, and I have a trust wallet with some etc in, I’m looking forward to getting started. Do I need anything else?


Sounds like you are all set! Feel free to reach out if you need any help.


@sam Ok I’m stuck!! Setup my pi tonight, had to install the old node.js manually but got there, now I’m struggling installing the market maker bot. I downloaded the files from github and got them onto the pi but have no idea what to do now. Also I couldn’t figure out how to install hyper on the pi, so couldn’t follow the how to tutorial. :thinking::tired_face:


You don’t need to download from github, npx tool automates all that. These may help.


So you have been able to ssh into your Pi? Sounds like you have as you have installed node.js, If so then you should be set to move forward and launch a trading bot:

Hyper is a terminal, this would be installed on your computer, not on your Pi - it is not a requirement though. I just recommend it because it has a lot of configuration options and looks pretty, and if you are on Windows its definitely a better option than using a tool like PuTTy but if you use macOS or Linux then you are probably used to your own terminal.

Let me know how you get on and feel free to ask more questions.


Ok, I got there in the end, total newbie to rpi and linux, I had to manually install node.js older version. Then search in add/remove programs for the npm package handler, then use that to install npx - with sudo in the command line , then the install market maker bot command with sudo at the beginning of the command.

Next quesstion
Can you change settings in the json file while the bot is running?