Hi, I'm Robbie C


Nice to meet you all. Thanks for having me. I got into crypto early in 2014 by doing some freelance writing for a LTC mining company, and realized it was a good venture so I started coincurrencynews.com in March, 2014.

While the news business is tough to turn a dime, I am dedicated to making a go of it, and recently teamed up with some partners to create our news token pool (NETP token - grupbit.com), which should be launching in September.

I hope to launch another 3 or 4 tokens on separate projects in late 2018-2019 that I have been working on in the future for specific use cases, and mostly, just enjoy helping others, and being involved in growing the industry.

I look forward to trading on Rados and growing Saturn in the next couple years as a team member, ambassador, and investor.


If anyone can help me create a token, please email me!



Welcome to the world of SATURN! :wink:

Hope you find a developer for your projects, looks interesting, keep us posted!