Hi Saturn Network, I'm y0g1x


I first heard about Bitcoin in 2011, as a result of my interests in technology, economics & geo-politics, but didn’t actually buy any until early 2014. I sadly lost all of my coins later that year, due to illness & job-loss, but returned again at the start of 2017, after finally receiving successful treatment for my prior health issues.

Starting from scratch again, I managed to build up some of my lost coins, through a lot of hard work and savvy investing, over the course of that now famous bull year, but was later hacked for almost the entirety of what I had worked my ass off to recoup. An utterly depressing turn of events for me, again.

I was also a founding stakeholder in NEM. They owe me 2.25 million XEM, which they won’t pay me, but that’s another shitty story. What they’ve done is classed as a breach of contract, in any other market.

My crypto journey has been one full of unfortunate encounters with difficult times, scammers, hackers & lowlife scumbags. It’s been a painful ride, that has left me very disillusioned with the the crypto world, to be quite honest. Recently, I was very close to throwing the towel in once and for all, but for some reason I’m still here.

I ask myself why?

Perhaps the answer is - The Saturn Network

I’m a creator & builder at heart. I believe in this project.

The last time I was this excited about another project, was when I first learned of bitcoin. The Saturn Network whitepaper offers an inspiring insight into the future, and if all that’s been laid out therein comes to fruition, then I am confident that the protocol will cement itself as essential infrastructure for asset exchange and censorship resistant governance, that will pioneer a truly decentralized universe.

The Saturn Network is the Bitcoin of Decentralized Exchanges.


Dang, I thought I had it bad when I first bought a small amount of BTC in December 2017… How in the heck do you manage to get screwed over like that, i’m wondering? Sh*t happens to to even the best of them… Best of luck! Feel free to message me any info and maybe we can bounce info back and forth and start building a community(private community?) of like minded folks. I’m already building onto my solo discord channel, posting things I find helpful to the new and old members of crypto. I am equally inspired about Saturn.Network! Take care, and start acting safely!!! :slight_smile: -LasVegas


Welcome! Thanks for sharing and for your belief in our project, hopefully we can reignite your fire for crypto again!


I appreciate you reaching out LasVegas. Thanks. I’ll pm you & we can work out how to co-operate most effectively to best serve the Saturn Network community. Speak soon. All the best pal. Peace


Right on, no sweat, bro. It doesn’t have to be anything serious, or it could be! Anyway, hit me up when you feel up to it. Talk to ya soon, Yogi!