Hi This is BitUnits


How did you first get into crypto?

Learned about Bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptos back in June 2017, I started off by mining cryptos and then started researching and learning how it worked. I believe this technology is very powerful and that it will eventually give us all the freedom we deserve.

What attracts you to our project?

I fell in love with ETC and I always wanted to create a token on its blockchain.
Thanks for providing the guide.

Whats your favorite decentralized exchange?
Radex and Bancor


Welcome! Been great watching your BitUnits updates, hope it is a success!


Thank you. Slow but surely BitUnits Will be a success. it must be. I am investing a lot into it. I need to Find some people to Join my Team tho. I hope I can get it on Radex soon so I can announce that and start marketing them too.


Are you on Discord? I might be able to help you with marketing. I’m looking to find my place in Crypto. I don’t want to live off of trading, I would like to produce something that will simplify/speed up the tasking processes for us humans!


Hi, No I am not on discord. I would like to have some help with this project. are you on twitter?
I have never used discord.


Discord is pretty awesome. You can voice chat and gain a pretty good following using it. I have twitter. My username is @LV_Rich. What kind of help do you need? Do you have a team yet? I have a great idea for my coin, I have 300-500 real followers from facebook and twitter who I hope will stake the coin I make, which will give incentives for my community to stake it. I have a pretty good plan, I just need to make the white paper and put it out there.


awesome. I will get someone on my team to set up a discord. We need help in everything. marketing, development, community admin, graphic designers, web designers so many different options…

Have you already started your coin? join our team help with this coin then we will help with yours when it’s ready. are you gonna ICO? got your team? tell me more about your project.


Sup, man, Hey did you get a discord yet? Do you have a way we can communicate besides this forum?


Yes we do have a discord https://discord.gg/QRAs4qu
and telegram https://t.me/joinchat/H9WjVg9W9yIlBNUBrvuazQ
and twitter @bitunits