Hi, this is Lid and I'm a lunatic!


Just joking.

I’m a young lad who has been trading cryptocurrencies for nearly three years now. I first heard about bitcoin when I heard you could buy some really crazy things online with it… like pizza :slight_smile:
The first altcoin I ever bought was XMR and ever since that day I have been crypto crazy. I’ve had lots of ups and down in crypto and it’s been a rollercoaster to say the least.

If I was to give any advice from my past trading experience it would be to remember that it’s just as easy to lose money as it is to make money in this game. If you don’t cash in profits, you can go from feeling like a genius to feeling like a moron in no time. Greed can be a bitch. Also, don’t touch bitmex unless you know what you’re doing, everyone gets rekt.

I’ve also experienced my fair share of bullshit in this game. Experiencing exchange exit scams such as coinsmarkets. which by the way has been forgotten by almost everyone. A coin (ECA) somehow contacted the exchange to get them to enable withdrawals for ECA and a bunch of other crap with ~ $50k mcap, and neglected all the other coins. After that the website vanished - fishy much? I only had my BTC on there a day - oh well.

Anyway, I think that’s enough negativity for now! Let’s talk about Saturn. I first heard about Saturn about a month ago from friends y0g1x & oldcryptogeek. I began reading the whitepaper which I actually enjoyed reading for once as it’s not full of jargon crap and buzzwords but instead clear and straight to the point. Any uncertainties I had were answered quickly by Neuron & Sam in the telegram chat and so I decided to invest in both the ETC and ETH ICOs! I am usually extremely sceptical about ICOs, but sometimes you just cannot argue with a gut feeling. This feels like I’m investing in the Binance ICO a year ago… but even better :wink:

Here is one of my favourite tunes

I’m extremely excited for the future, and a real DEX is desperately needed. You can’t trust anyone in this game.

Take it easy!


Welcome! Glad to have you on board and to hear you read our whitepaper :slight_smile:


Hello! Nice tune :slight_smile:


Viynl kills the mp3 industry. for sure.