High Transaction Fees (GWEI or GAS)

Dear Support,

We have tried to make some orders for MyTeen and are seeing the cost of transactions are around $10 USD because the GWEI is around 97000 instead of 21000 and wonder if there are presets you can change so the transactions fall under micropayments to remain competitive on trading activity.


Hey, unfortunately, no we do not control transactions costs on Ethereum. These have been rising for some time now due to increased network usage, and you should not expect them to go down anytime soon.

Saturn Protocol v2 should lower gas costs for you by default as you will not need to submit as many transactions to trade given we will migrate to an AMM model.

Potentially you could look at migrating to a different blockchain where gas fees are not a problem such as Ethereum Classic.

Is there a developer who could assist in minting a token on ETC for us?