Highlander "ONE" Token - There Can Be Only One


We are a team of Aliens who believe in Blockchain Privacy — Anonymity, Encryption and Decentralization. 2 Million years has passed since we found Earth, quietly we have waited for humans to evolve to the present state. Now is the time to present to you Highlander “ONE” Token.

Update [10/31/2018]:

15 % of “ONE” Airdrop Completed - 181 addresses from Saturn Genesis Block was dropped 0.000829 ONE a total of 0.150049 ONE - Happy Halloween!

Highlander “ONE” 2nd Airdrop has begun, see Sign Up form: [COMPLETED] https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSccYrjuuz9r0b0e_HHrv37HdDmwmvytzk2gjE8N1014VzfQag/viewfor

Update [11/3/2019]
New Logo update

[AIRDROP] ONEX Network Proof-of-Stake Smart Contract [ETC]
List of Assets (ETC)

For Saturn Community we would like to do an Airdrop to Saturn Genesis block addresses. We feel this is the best way to reach out to humans that are already involved with community here. With permission we would airdrop %15 of “ONE” token. To see more allocations and how we plan to spit up Highlander token see website.


Welcome! Good luck with your project, of course, you can airdrop whoever you want =)

What planet are you from?




Airdrop completed to Saturn Genesis block addresses, updated token picture plus social media in op


not received the Airdrop 0x21223c5f12bcdbebad6993500bdc14ccb2ec3497


All received Airdrop thanks


Nice video :alien:


im lovin this project each day a bit more. =D =D =D




Today is the last day to claim your ONEX if you hold Highlander (ONE) token.
You have to fill this out: https://goo.gl/forms/8ZiQd1aPmDR8HOOv1

Last day also for the entire ONEX campaign on Saturn forum, learn more here: [AIRDROP] ONEX Network Proof-of-Stake Smart Contract [ETC]