Hive (HIVE) - blockhive's Initial Loan Procurement


blockhive is an Estonia-based blockchain incubator with roots in Japan. We use blockchain technology to create practical and innovative solutions for companies, helping them unlock new markets. blockhive’s four core businesses include a smart wallet called eesty, a mining operation in Estonia, Initial Loan Procurement (ILP), a crowdfunding solution that is under Tokenote, and e-Best Ventures, an investment arm.

Initial Loan Procurement
blockhive has raised debt using a new crowdfunding structure it has developed called Initial Loan Procurement. It has also designed Future Loan Access Tokens (FLAT) to make it possible for creditors to transfer their loan agreements to others. blockhive’s ILP enables our creditors to tap into the growth of our four projects that are in operation. Our creditors are entitled to receive 20 percent of our operating profit on an annual basis.

The HIVE token
The company has issued the first FLATs called Hive tokens. blockhive creditors who joined our private, first and second public round, received Hive tokens after they entered a loan agreement with blockhive through ILP. Hive token has two functions: 1) It allows creditors to trade their contracts with others by selling the tokens and 2) for potential creditors to enter a loan agreement with blockhive by using the tokens to sign the loan contract.

※ Please note that having Hive tokens don’t give token holders the right to receive the interest payment. Only Creditors, those who have conducted identification and verification process, and signed the loan contract with blockhive, are entitled to receive the interest payment.

ILP explainer


Useful links:
ILP Video
blockhive website
Ether address: 0x895f5D0b8456B980786656A33f21642807D1471c


Right on! Super frickin sweet name! I’d change the logo though. Interesting stuff.


@blockhive Hey!

Been a while since you made this topic, but we are now live and operational on Ethereum! Would love to see HIVE listed: