HODL Contracts not showing in "My HODL"

First of all, congratulations on the great project.

I just locked a couple of ETC in the Smart HODL 2020 program. Although it says [1] on “My HODL”, the screen only shows the referral link, and not my current HODL’s.

Hello @peppersalt welcome! And thank you for your support.

Would this be on a desktop browser with MetaMask / Saturn Wallet? Or are you using a mobile wallet?


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Hi Sam, currently I’m using Chrome and the Saturn wallet plugin. Although you see the “loading” rotating animation, the overview is not initialised. I can attach a screenshot if you need one?

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Do you only have Saturn Wallet enabled, it sounds like you may have a second dapp browser enabled also?

Yeah, MEW also runs in the browser. I was not aware that they interfere. After disabling MEW, it shows the contracts perfectly.

Sorry for the misreading, thanks for the swift reply!

No worries, glad that it is sorted out for you. Yes when using any Dapp it is best to only have one dapp browser active at a time in your browser. You may consider installing a second browser on your machine to make things easier to manage if you like to use multiple dapp browsers. Saturn Wallet works with chrome, firefox, chromium, vivaldi or brave. Thanks!