How can I add an icon to my token?


How can I add an icon to my token?

like this


Do you mean how to add your token’s logo to Saturn Wallet and our exchange?

Well first you would need to create your token’s logo! That is up to you to decide, if you want to have a look at some token logos check out our cryptocurrencies section here:

I normally use Photoshop or Illustrator when creating a logo or artwork, but if you are not great with design you could always consider outsourcing it. There are many freelance work websites such as upwork or fiverr, alternatively you could even announce your project here and offer a bounty in your tokens for a logo design?

Once you have a logo created, you can follow this guide to make it visible on our exchange and in Saturn Wallet:

Make sure your logo is 200 x 200 on a transparent background, hope that helps!


thank you sir