How can i view the total tokens created?



Please i will like to know if after creating my token for ICO, if investors can view it on etherscan and also how can i see the total available token that was created. I ask this because what i can see is the coins i allocated to myself ans on, my transaction is not showing at all. I look forward to a satisfactory explanation. Thanks


I was supposed o ask this question before i created my tokens. But please can someone tell me if i am correct?

I am using 8 decimal places and i want the price per token to be 0.0000147 ETH. Did i do it well?


You would not be able to see your token on etherscan, remember you have created a token on Ethereum Classic not Ethereum so you need to use an Ethereum Classic block explorer. Since we made the tutorial, blockscout has been released, I think it provides you with more information that gastracker:

If you search for the contract address you have created, in the top right box then it should find your token.

And then if you click on the name of your token, you will find the details you are looking for:

Yes, I believe your price is fine, but best way to make sure is to test it :wink:


Thanks for the responses.


Please could there be something i am doing wrong? I want to verify that everything works well before i can start talking about my project. But some how, i can not find the total supply of my coins even when the contract creation says successful.
Please can anybody help me


Normally you should be able to click here where it says WiiggoCoin:

And it would open this page:

Which does not display for your token, potentially because your total supply is:


That is a bit big, maybe blockscout cannot display it? :smiley: Etherhub is also having trouble to display your total supply unless you open it here:


It therefore means that i have made an error. My intention was 9 billon coins which is suppose to look like this 9,000,000,000. Is there a way i can correct this mistake?

How to verify your token's contract on a Blockchain Explorer

Also i am confused because i allocated 4billion coins to myself and it is showing as 4,000,000,000 in my saturn account


Actually I think your total supply is 9 billion, looking at your token’s source code it looks correct. Maybe its just because your token was deployed in the last 24 hours? I am not sure how quick blockscout and etherhub take to update. Check tomorrow maybe and see if it has updated?

The reason it looks strange here:

Is because it has not taken into account your 8 decimals, with the decimal in the correct place then it would display 9 billion.


Thank you so much for your help. I will check back tomorrow as you suggest. I really hope that we will be able to work together on this project.


Yeah I think it will be fine, maybe they are just taking some time to update. For example, Gastracker can find all the details:

Good luck!