How Do I De-List a token from Saturn DEX?

Want to De-List our token as it is not being treated right on Saturn.Network… Saturns system is not reporting our correct price, even after multiple test trades… we do not want to be on Saturn until you guys update your system…

Hello @MegaMine16 sorry for the late reply. It is impossible to de-list a token from the protocol, Saturn Protocol is designed to be censorship resistant so there are no centralized admin features to do this. If you wish we can delete your token logo and project details from the website. If the open orders on the MX3 order book are yours, then you can also cancel them.

We are definitely interested in hearing your thoughts to know how you think our trading data should be reported? We are following guidelines from our partners such as Coinpaprika and Coingecko to respect their efforts of removing market manipulation from their websites - if we don’t then they will simply stop reporting all of the trading data from Saturn Network, which is not something we can afford to lose. And have built our API following documentation from CoinMarketCap, because we aim to be listed there as an exchange.

I told you in detail via email what the issue with MX3’s market was:

  1. The spread (difference in price between buy and sell orders) is massive.
  2. There is no linear progression of price, look at trade history: 0.01 then 0.9.
  3. The token trade amounts are very small, buying a tiny amount of token way off the market price looks like an attempt to simply get Coingecko reporting +200% on your market page.

These sort of things will be a red flag on our API, which is why it stops reporting your market trades to our partners. Again this is to safeguard Saturn Network from being removed from those tracking sites. I am not going to go into detail on all of the checks our API does, but it mostly follows logic of how a healthy market should look. We have hundreds of token projects listed making trades daily, and no one has reported this as a “problem” - but we are happy to listen how you think it should work. Let us know :slight_smile:

Hope that makes sense, let me know if you do want me to delete MX3 project details from the website.


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