How to add Ethereum Classic network to MetaMask



If you are using Saturn Network regularly to trade on Ethereum & Ethereum Classic, then I would continue to suggest using our own Saturn Wallet as it provides you with the best experience when using the trading platform. This is because Saturn Wallet supports Ethereum Classic natively & displays your token balances automatically also.

However, if you just need to access the Ethereum Classic network occasionally, then it is now possible to do so by adding a custom network to MetaMask. You just need an RPC point to use, and their are a couple of public options available.

Just log into your MetaMask account and click the main network tab at the top, then select “Custom RPC” and scroll down until you see “New Network”. Then click on “Show Advanced Options” and fill it in as so:

Click save & if everything worked correctly, you should now be connected to Ethereum Classic network.