How to add Saturn DAO token to MetaMask, MEW or Cipher



Hello Everyone! To support our ICO here is a quick guide on adding custom tokens to your MEW, MetaMask or Cipher wallets.

For the purpose of this tutorial we will focus on adding the Saturn DAO token.

Saturn DAO Token
Token Contract Address: 0xb9440022a095343b440d590fcd2d7a3794bd76c8
Token Symbol: SATURN
Token Standard: ERC223
Decimals: 4

Adding a custom token to MEW

  1. On the “Send Ether & Tokens” page on MEW, click “View Balance Only” and paste your address.
  2. click the “Add Custom Token” button on the right sidebar.
  3. Fill in the “Token Contract Address”, “Token Symbol” and “Decimals” section with SATURN token details. Like this:
  4. Click Save!

Adding a custom token to MetaMask

  1. Login in to MetaMask.
  2. click “Tokens”
  3. click “Add Token” and fill in details like so:
  4. Click “Add”

Adding a custom token to Cipher

  1. Select “Add tokens”

  2. Select “Add custom token”

  3. Scan the QR code for your custom token for example, SATURN Token:

  4. Check name, symbol and decimals are correct

  5. Select “Add Token”

  6. You will now see it on the main screen of your App.

And that is all, if anything is not clear please ask, we are happy to help.


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