How to add your token's logo to Saturn Wallet




Having your token pre-listed in Saturn Wallet allows for your token’s logo to be displayed(as per below), and also for more information concerning your token to be displayed on our token dashboard inside our wallet such as a link to your website, a discussion post here on the forum and a direct link to trade your token on our exchange.

Please follow these steps if you would like your token to be listed:

  1. Create a thread introducing your token in our Cryptocurrencies section. Remember this thread will be linked from our wallet so please do provide complete information. Here is a great example: Bitcoin Classic Token - first mineable ERC223 Token on ETC.
  2. For your logo, we require a 200 x 200 in .PNG format as the background needs to be transparent. For the best results, your logo should take up most of the canvas & you should not have a big margin.
  3. Visit our Assets Self Listing page on github and follow the outline steps taking care to submit your ETH or ETC token in the approriate section.

If you need any help with github here is a good tutorial to follow: Tutorial on pull request & submitting pull request on Github. Alterinatively if you have any queries or get stuck, feel free to ask!

Token not added to wallet

Process has now been updated, please see the original topic. You can now submit your logo via our github for it to be displayed on Saturn Wallet.

Every logo that has already submitted this for our exchange dashboard, will be listed in next Saturn Wallet update.

Let me know if anything is not clear, thanks!