How to cancel a pending transaction via MEW with Saturn Wallet

If a transaction ever gets stuck in pending then it can cause your wallet to enter a kind of stuck state where you are unable to submit any new transactions to the network. Hopefully, you will simply be able to resend your transaction from Saturn Wallet’s UI with a higher gas price and this will sort out the problem. However, if this does not work then you can try using MyEtherWallet to cancel your transaction.

This tutorial is intended for transaction on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic, though it will most likely work for any EVM blockchain supported by MyEtherWallet. The way it works is by generating a transaction offline which you will then sign with your Saturn Wallet account.

How to cancel a pending transaction via MEW using Saturn Wallet

  1. First make sure you have selected the correct network in Saturn Wallet, in this example we are using Ethereum Classic (ETC) as our pending transaction is on ETC.

  2. Using a block explorer service you need to locate your pending transaction and write down the Nonce number as you will need it later. Blockscout is a great option that supports Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Hopefully, your tx will still come up in your Sent tab in Saturn Wallet. If not try searching for your wallet address in the block explorer and checking the transaction history for anything that is still pending.

  3. Open MEW’s interface to generate an offline transaction here: and connect Saturn Wallet to MEW using the Browser Extension option.

  4. Now you need to fill in the offline transaction form as per below. It will always say ETH, even if you are using a different network. You send the transaction to your own wallet address and you need to enter the same nonce number you found on your pending transaction.

  5. Click on Generate Transaction and then sign it with Saturn Wallet.

Done! Once that transaction has been mined, your pending transaction should be cancelled and your wallet will be usable again.

If this guide was useful for you consider buying some SATURN or STRN exchange tokens, and joining Saturn DAO!