How to claim your airdrop



If you are here then you have probably been expecting an airdrop and were told to visit Saturn Network to claim it, this just means they have used our tool to manage their airdrop. Do not worry you will be able claim it quickly!


Our airdrop tool is powered by a smart contract to distribute the tokens to the correct wallet addresses, this means you have to use a cryptocurrency wallet that has a blockchain browser such as Saturn Wallet, MetaMask, Trust Wallet or Cipher. Remember as you need to sign a transaction to receive your airdrop, you will need a little ETH or ETC in your wallet(depending which chain your airdrop is on) to pay for gas fees.

We would recommend you use Saturn Wallet or Trust Wallet as they like our tool support both Ethereum & Ethereum Classic, which will allow you to easily claim your airdrops on either chain.

Also please note that MetaMask and Saturn Wallet interfere with each other, which means to use Saturn Wallet you need to disable MetaMask in your extension manager & vice versa.

How do you claim your airdop?

Step 1. Visit our Airdrops page on Saturn Network, if you are logged into your wallet then your available airdrops will be displayed as following:

Also make sure that you are connected to the correct network to claim your airdrop, as we can see above, PHX is an ETC token. If I attempt to claim my tokens while be connected to Ethereum, then I will not be able to proceed:


Step 2. Click the green “Claim” button & wait for you wallet’s notification to approve the transaction. Remember you will need to pay for gas fees to confirm the transaction, so will need a little ETH in your wallet if it is an Ethereum token or a little ETC if it is an Ethereum Classic token.


Step 3. Once the transaction is confirmed, then you will have received your airdrop! You can always check the My Claims page to keep track of what airdrops you have received.

If you need any help feel free to ask! And if you have any ideas or feedback please let us know: Airdrop tool feedback and suggestions

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Thanks for this guide!

Just wanted to state that upon first check, the My Balance section of the page just kept loading but the tokens won’t show. It eventually worked right after I disabled the Metamask extension (I’m using Chrome browser).

So yeah, it should be noted that for Saturn Wallet extension to work with dApps, Metamask extension should temporarily be disabled (NOT uninstalled).



Since metamask only works with ETC, but Saturn Wallet works with multiple blockchains, you can simply export your private key from metamask and import into Saturn Wallet. Then you can uninstall metamask and keep the funds in one convenient location.


Ah yes sorry, forgot to point that out! Added to the top of the guide, thanks!


What if I have an offline wallet (I do). I don’t want to import it into my Saturn wallet as I want a “cold” wallet. Is there a way to claim airdrops then? I can do an offline transaction on MEW… will that work? Or better yet use a random wallet to sign the transaction on behalf of my cold wallet?

If you don’t have that feature, is it sensible for me to request it? It seems important. As a member of SATURN Classic DAO I would like to be able to use any wallet to sign a transaction that sends airdrops to a valid SATURN Classic wallet.



Ah I see how to access the smart contract info (from your tutorial) and check my balances. Also can send offline transaction I think (though I haven’t tried it yet).

That’s great!

Still unsure if I can use a random ETC wallet to pay the gas to claim an airdrop for a valid SATURN cold wallet. It seems less important since I can do offline transactions I’m pretty sure.

So just checking.


Glad that you found the ABI info. In fact, given the ABI and the contract address you can indeed create & sign a transaction that claims the airdrops. Then you can just move this signed transaction to a computer connected to the internet and, again, use MEW in order to broadcast the signed transaction.

People have successfully used their hardware wallets and MEW in order to claim airdrops there.

In Ethereum you cannot pay gas fees for another account. Your best bet is to send something like 0.1-1 ETC to your cold storage account - that should cover the gas fees for years to come.


Hi @Neuron and @sam. I cannot retrieve my ETH Saturn Airdrop. I’ve tried to claim it four times in the last 2 weeks, but the transaction will not go through. Do you have any suggestions? I’ve tried sending the transaction with different amounts of gas, but still no go. Every other airdrop has worked just fine. Thank you ahead of time. -LasVegas


Have you definitely set Saturn Wallet to ETH network before trying to claim? If so please direct message me one of the failed transaction, thanks!


also try disable/enable extension in browser settings


I’m having the same problem, been checking back to my wallet and airdrop tab for the last few weeks since it came available. Tried a few times increasing gas to 6 on my last attempt (now I have several pending tx on it lol) , tx always been saying pending on tracker.

edit: This is for the STN token, i’ve been able to claim all the other tokens that were listed before. But I noticed the stish token also seems to be stuck on pending as well.

Any suggestions? I have been enabling/disabling my saturn wallet in the extensions when I start.


Hmm, so it sounds like you are only having problems with claiming Ethereum tokens? Have you definitely swapped over to Ethereum network before trying to claim them?

If yes, do you mind sharing your transactions? You can private message them to me so not everyone sees your wallet. Thanks!


Message sent. Thanks! Yes I had opened each time with the Eth network on the wallet when I tried each time. It would error if it was on the classic network to switch.

Edit: I think it’ll work, thanks for the follow up, totally forgot to check the sent tab in the wallet.