How to create a new ETC address/wallet


I deactivated Metamask, installed Saturn wallet on Chrome, and successfully imported ETH account.

I want to add an ETC address/account. I change to ETC main network, create account, and it creates an ETH account!! I tried twice, and i can see them in ETH explorer, but not in ETC explorer (obviously)…

How to proceed please?


ETC and ETH have same addresses! if the little ethereum logo is black - you are on ETH network. If it is green - you are on ETC network.

All the hard crypto heavy lifting is automatically done for you - magical technology. Just make sure metamask is disabled in your browser’s settings (or if you import seed phrase from metamask into saturn wallet you can even uninstall metamask for good measure).

That’s it! Happy Trading!


You mean that if i send ETC to any of these addresses


they will arrive fine ?

By the way, diamond is black in ETC and purple in ETH network in my Saturn wallet.


If those are your wallet addresses, then yes it will be completely fine. You will notice when you are connected to “ETH Main Network” your wallet balance states ETH and when you are connected to “ETC Main Network” it will change to ETC. (to the left of the send button).

Maybe our video series on Saturn Wallet will help you:



Yes, you were both right, thank you! As long the account is created in the right chain (coin), it’s perfectly ok. It works fine both to a new and an imported wallet.

It doesn’t show in the ETC explorer until the first transaction is made, and it’s a bit confusing.

Perhaps you could add a sign like a little diamond or label ([ETH]/[ETC]) next to each Account in the [Select Account menu] to help avoiding errors.

You could also change chain (coin) to ETC automatically when an ETC account is selected, or the reverse.

Thanks again.


I think you misunderstood what Neuron said, wallet addresses on Ethereum & Ethereum Classic are exactly the same - in the sense that if you make a new wallet address while connected to Ethereum then you also have that address on Ethereum Classic.

So it does not matter what chain you are connected to when you create the account, you now control that wallet address on both networks.

For example, I can send ETC and ETH to all of the above addresses & you will be able to retrieve it all. So you do not really have an ETC or ETH Account, you just see your ETH when you connect to the Ethereum network and you see your ETC when you connect the Ethereum Classic network but you are still connected to the same wallet/account.

I hope that is clear :slight_smile: